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How To Choose The Perfect Leather Biker Vest

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Let’s get right to the point. You are here because, you want to know the facts about the best leather biking vest without any fluff ladies harley vest. Good. This is because I will not wax poetically about stitching and patinas, unless it is absolutely necessary. So buckle up, Buttercup – let’s dive headfirst into all the details.

Priority one: the craftsmanship. Yes, I did say no poetry. But hear me out. Your vest may have problems if its stitching looks as though it was made by a caffeinated rat. This is a piece that will withstand the elements, including wind, water, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at you, while still looking stylish. The best leather to use is full-grain – as durable as nails, but it ages more gracefully than fine wine.

Next, let’s talk about the design. No, I don’t mean whether or not your vest will match your boots. Some prefer vests that are as minimalistic as monks’ clothing, others like to have plenty of pockets so they can store all their possessions. It’s up to you if you want your vest to be a patchwork quilt representing your travels and club affiliations. Just remember, form follows function.

Talking about pockets, is it possible to have too many of them? Zipper pockets keep your things from flinging off of your bike in a hurry. And adjustability, too? If you are not planning to remain the same size for life (and tell me what your secret is), then some side laces and straps could save you money on buying a brand new vest every single time you skip leg days.

Import versus Domestic is like the Coke or Pepsi debate. Everyone’s got an opinion. Supporting local artisans and using quality materials is important to many people. So spending a few dollars more on something produced in your own backyard may be well worth it.

Comfort is the king, or queen. We do not discriminate. A vest with a feeling of a straightjacket would collect dust faster that my grandma’s porcelain set. You want something flexible because nothing will ruin a ride more than feeling as if you’re covered in duct tap.

Who is doing things right? Schott NYC outfitted riders before it was cool. They are the godfathers of biker apparel. Legendary USA can create custom vests that are unique to you. They’re like the tattoo artists in leatherwear. Fox Creek Leather or not? Their gear is made in the USA and they promise it will outlast even your bike.

Please wrap this up. My editor told me to. It isn’t rocket-science to find the best leather biker vest, but you do need to dig around and determine what matters most to you. Style, function, maybe even a mix of both, are all important. Remember, this isn’t a mere piece of clothing. It’s an extension to your personality.

So, go out and find your perfect vest. Choose one that speaks for you without ever saying a thing and makes each ride feel like a thrilling adventure.