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The Leather Biker Vest: It is More than Just Gear – Your Road, Ready Second Skin

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Let’s not waste any more time and get to the point about finding that perfect leather motorcycle vest. This is not the same as choosing socks at the supermarket or deciding what kind of salad dressing you want to purchase. It’s serious, people. If you’re cruising along the highway, or just walking around town, then it’s important to have something that says “I am here and I’m serious.” More info?

Let’s start with leather quality. It should be able to take some abuse and still keep working. Here, full-grain is the best friend. You can always count on it, regardless of what you do. It ages like fine wine and develops character with each scrape.

Then, we’ll move on to the art of craftsmanship. This is not something that was thrown together in a hurry. It’s important to choose a vest with a lot of love and dedication. Each stitch should tell a tale of sweat, effort and commitment (both literally). The gold standard is handmade; each stitch was made with your needs in mind.

Don’t even get me started about pockets. Pockets are essential to stash your gear while you’re moving. We’re talking more than just a spot to put your hands in when the weather gets cold. It’s important to have space for our phones, wallets and maybe even some snacks for on the go. More pockets are better!

Another important factor is the ability to adjust. Nobody likes to feel like their clothing is too tight or that they are swimming in it. What are those side straps or laces? These laces or straps are not there just to look good. They ensure that your vest will fit perfectly, whether you wear a t-shirt underneath it or add layers for cooler weather.

Listen to me. Have you ever been trapped on your bike during a scorching hot day? It’s not fun. It’s only a little bit of airflow that can make the difference between riding like a turkey or feeling comfortable.

This vest is a great way to express your style, whether you prefer classic cool or minimalist minimalism. Fly your flag high.

Don’t forget to look good and stay safe. Reflective bits and armor slots are added to some vests because being visible is important, as well as staying safe.

Etiquette is important too. Today, more people are paying attention to the origins of their equipment. This is a good thing! What about eco-friendly materials and practices? Big plus points in my book.

The brands are also important. You’ve got the legends, like Schott NYC that have been around for a long time; and then you’ve got the newcomers who bring in fresh ideas.

The best leather vest for you is one that makes all of your senses happy: fit, quality, functionality, style…and maybe, even make Mother Nature smile.

Take your time when looking at options. This isn’t about racing (even though we are talking about biker clothing). You’ll realize that “the one” is more than clothing. It’s like a second-skin ready to travel with untold stories. Take these tips and browse online or in stores until you find the vest that says “This is Me!” Wear it together like you’re the boss rider that I know you to be. Try to avoid falling asleep with our textbooks.