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From Tacos, to Titans – The Art of Finding the Perfect Dogname

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You can think of it as choosing a name for a pet. If you want to shout it across the park, then you need to make sure that you are comfortable with repeating your choice. As with tattoos, you can find inspiration for meinehundenamen.com anywhere. Let’s start the fun.

Let’s start by talking about the people who are always calling out their favorite dishes. Who wouldn’t smile if you called out “Taco” or “Muffin”? It’s almost as if everyone is inviting you to dinner with every call. Imagine what people would say when they saw a tiny poodle, “Whiskey”, or an oversized bulldog, “Meatball”, coming along.

Some people are history and mythology geeks, which I say with love. They will go down Wikipedia rabbit holes or ancient texts in search of the perfect name. Imagine a sleek greyhound with the name “Achilles”, zooming through the air. What about a Siamese Cat named “Cleopatra”, who looks like a cat and is regal? You may think this is about dogs. But it really fits!

Let’s not ignore the irony-lovers among us. Tiny, the massive Great Dane. Classic. A Doberman that looks fierce called “Fluffy?” You betcha. These are the types of people who love to laugh.

We’ll now move onto the ones inspired by pop culture. This includes movies, TV series, books and more. Ever met a dog named “Dobby”? The ears of this dog were probably too large to fit his head. And his eyes were so warm that they could melt the hardest heart. Or what about a “Gandalf”, which is an old wise dog with beards? The perfect match.

The human names are somehow more appealing to dogs. It is hilarious to see dogs that have full-blown people names like Gary and Brenda. Kevin, Kevin! There is something special about shouting, “Kevin!” and stopping people from eating.

I will tell you the story of my neighbor’s pet dog. He was named Brie after her favorite kind of cheese. When she calls the dog from outside, it sounds like he’s missing her favorite cheese.

Looking at your dog can help you decide what name to give them. Sometime you are lucky, and the name of your dog just comes to mind. Tornado is a name that was given to a dog named by a friend who’s dog couldn’t quit chasing his tail.

In essence… (see how i avoided saying ‘in concluding’ here? Finding the right name for your pet is a journey in itself. You’ll laugh, you might second-guess yourself but at the end of it all, you will find that perfect tag which fits them perfectly. T is a better choice.

The point is to enjoy the joy of calling their name, whether or not it makes other people laugh. Knowing what you’ll hear is worth the effort. It will be more exciting than anything else. Remember, everyone started somewhere. And usually by saying “hello”, wrong. Happy learning. Locals will point you to the nearest party. Imagine yourself right in the heart of the action.